Ask about Guaranteed Credit Approval

A-1 Auto Sales and Loan realizes that every customer wants a smooth car buying experience. We strive to make your purchase, as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Ask us about our "Guaranteed Credit Approval"

If you plan to finance your next purchase, we now offer a patented Quick Credit Approval process that can be life changing. We've partnered with a nationwide lender to bring this very unique program to you.

You may believe that you can't qualify to buy a car unless you settle for a vehicle that is old, tired and out of date. You may also believe your only path to another car is to buy one for cash or to buy from a
"buy-here-pay-here" car dealer that carries their own contract.

Why be limited? Why not buy a car or truck you like. Many of the vehicles offered qualify for mechanical break down protection plans (warranty) and gap insurance, both of which can be financed with your purchase.

Ask us about our "Guaranteed Credit Approval"

Our "Guaranteed Credit Approval" financing can change your life with on time payments!
Take advantage of this opportunity to establish or re-establish your credit by making on time payments on your next vehicle. Your payments will be reported to all three major credit bureaus.

We Keep it SIMPLE.

To move forward we will need:
Your valid ID and Proof of income.
A Utility or Cell phone bill in your name to help us establish residence status. Acct must be open 30 days.
A bank statement. not required, but helpful if you have one.
Self employed: To Prove income, bring 2 recent bank statements. (your deposits may prove income)
Social Security: Please bring an award letter from SSI or SSA, dated within 30 days.
IHSS-In home supportive services- Bring proof of pay dated within 30 days.

Temp Employee, New or short term job, fixed income.....OK
We help people with Past credit issues...bad credit, repo(s), divorce, bankruptcy, delinquent school loans.

Let us show you a path to your next car. 

All proofs subject to lender and dealer approval.

Call Now!!!!! Ask us about our "Guaranteed Credit Approval"